Pretentious Record Store Guy No. 1

Pretentious Record Store Guy No. 1


“Bastards of Young”
Written and Illustrated by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
20 Page
Full Color

When you’re Pretentious Record Store Guy, you’re life is pretty much made in the shade right? You get to see all the cool shows, pick through all the good music and take home all the latest promos. Life is pretty good, right?

The key to being in a scene is to be seen, and nowhere is more important than in a record store, where the employees are cooler than you and know every big band a year before anyone else does– welcome to the world of Pretentious Record Store Guy.

But what happens when you wake up and realize that you’re 30 years old and life is passing you by?

Pretentious Record Store Guy TM and © Carlos Gabriel Ruiz. All rights reserved.

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