BLOOD ON THE TRACKS graphic novel debuting at SPX 2019

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS cover by Bryan Ward

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS cover by Bryan Ward


Written, Lettered & Designed by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
Illustrated by Brian Atkins
Colored by Brandon Daniels
Cover by Bryan Ward
Edited by Jason Green & Steve Higgins
136 Pages
Full Color

 The “Big Score”-- the one people always talk about -- is about to go down. The perfect crew has been assembled. What could possibly go wrong? 

 BLOOD ON THE TRACKS is a smart, fast-paced, tough-as-nails crime story that promises thrills, delivers, then promises even more. I’m hooked! 

- Cullen Bunn
(The Damned, Deadpool, The Sixth Gun) 

Carlos Ruiz