BLOOD ON THE TRACKS Kickstarter Campaign Launch

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS Kickstarter Campaign

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS Kickstarter Campaign

The “Big Score” – the one people always talk about – is about to go down. The perfect crew has been assembled. What could possibly go wrong?

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS Cast of Characters

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS Cast of Characters

Brain Cloud Comics is proud to announce the launch of their first Kickstarter Campaign for the book BLOOD ON THE TRACKS.

Indie creators Brian Atkins (Family Graves, Final Street) and Carlos Gabriel Ruiz (Pretentious Record Store Guy, ROANOKE, Weathermen) team up with colorist Brandon Daniels (The Baron Age, Ghost Town) to bring BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, a thrilling, crime heist graphic novel, to life. 

In the summer of 2001, a rag-tag crew of heavy hitters is assembled to rob a train in the middle of Nebraska. So what exactly are they stealing? A $10 million intaglio press that is being transported via train to the United States Mint in Chicago.

The printing press the crew has targeted is set to be decommissioned and permanently displayed at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.  If they succeed, they will literally gain the ability to print an unlimited amount of money. But more money means more problems, and more problems can even derail the best crew no matter their intentions.

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS is a full-color, 136-page graphic novel, with each of the five chapters narrated from the perspective of a different character. Each chapter is an action-packed bonanza featuring train robberies, carjackings, armored car heists, bar fights, motorcycle races, battlefield combat, and epic car chases. This story contains mild violence, intense language, and some sexual situations, and is suitable for readers age 17 and up (TV-MA).

The BLOOD ON THE TRACKS Kickstarter Campaign launches on Wednesday, February 14th, and runs through Sunday, March 18th. There are a variety of support tiers available ranging from $5 and up, with a digital version of the book costing $15, a softcover copy of the book costing $25, and a hardcover copy costing $35.  



Written, Lettered & Designed by Carlos Gabriel Ruiz
Illustrated by Brian Atkins
Colored by Brandon Daniels
Cover by Bryan Ward
Edited by Jason Green & Steve Higgins

136 Pages
Hardcover - $29.99 Retail
Trade Paperback - $19.99 Retail
Digital - $15 Retail