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Brain Cloud Comics publishes comics and graphic novels featuring most every genre. What are those genres? Science fiction, horror, war, romance, crime, nonfiction, western, fantasy, humor, kids and superhero, Brain Cloud Comics has it all covered and looks to produce some of the best independent comics around.
Comic books are usually 20-32-page floppy books (or periodicals). Graphic novels are published in book form and are generally much longer than a standard comic book. Some graphic novels compile serialized comics stories, while others feature completely new material. A trade paperback is a collection of a miniseries, which is a finite comic book story that runs between two to eight issues, is called a trade paperback. When the limited series runs over 8 issues in length, it is usually referred to a maxi-series. A trade paperback can also be a collection of run of issues of a comic book. Does your head hurt now? It should. Defining these things is like trying to make sense of the butterfly effect when dealing with time travel. Just go with it, okay?
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FC - Full Color. Refers to comics that have colored interior pages. B&W - Black and White. Refers to comics that have black and white interior pages. HC - Hard Cover book. SC - Soft Cover book. TPB - Trade PaperBack. In the comic industry, a TPB is a reprint collection of a comic series bound together as one volume. For example, "Star Wars: Crimson Empire" numbers 1-6 were collected into a single volume called "Star Wars: Crimson Empire TPB." Example: Star Wars: Crimson Empire TPB. GN - Graphic Novel. These are original works, not reprints like most trade paperbacks. Example: Fax From Sarajevo. GSA - Graphic Story Album. Basically this is much like a traditional book, but with dozens of full page illustrations. Example: Dark Forces: Jedi Knight. Ltd. Ed. - Limited Edition. Limited editions are usually signed and numbered by one or more of the creators. They are limited to a specific print run. There will be no reprint with a signature. Example: Sin City: The Big Fat Kill Ltd. Ed. HC. Annual: Published once a year. Quarterly: Published four times a year (every three months). One-Shot: A self-contained, one-issue series. Gold foil: Sections of the cover are embossed with gold-colored leaf. Holofoil: Sections of the cover are embossed with holographic leaf. ISBN: The International Standard Book Number system is a worldwide standard identification system for publications.